GPI Data - X-point region vs. outer midplane

taken in collaboration with Jim Terry of MIT

photo of turbulence photo of turbulence

These are simultaneous movies from the midplane and X-region GPI cameras of C-Mod. The cameras view the HeI light from a local hdlium gas puff. The locations of these views are shown by the square boxes at the right, each of which covers a region of ~6 cm x 6 cm. The sample movie frame at the left shows the X-region and outer midplane images at the same time during a shot. The solid lines are the separatrix and the dashed lines are flux surfaces at 1 cm and 2 cm into the SOL. The videos below were taken at 400,000 frames/sec using two Phantom 710 cameras. In both cases the data is normalized by dividing each frame by the time- averaged frame in that movie. Signal levels below some level were set to zero for clarity.

Movie of shot 1120224009 RF L-mode
Movie of shot 1120224015 RF L-mode
Movie of shot 1120224022 RF L-mode
Movie of shot 1120224024 RF H-mode

Movie of shot 1120224023 Ohmic
Movie of shot 1120712026 Ohmic
Movie of shot 1120712027 Ohmic
Movie of shot 1120712028 Ohmic
Movie of shot 1120712029 Ohmic

Movie of shot 1120815018 RF H-mode
Movie of shot 1120815021 RF H-mode
Movie of shot 1120815030 RF H-mode
Movie of shot 1120815034 RF H-mode